PRIMAX Protective Clothing

→ Radiation Users

• Heavy Protective Apron (standard type)

• Heavy Protective Apron (surgeon type)

• Heavy Closed Protective Apron

• Vest and Skirt

• Protective Gloves

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Protection Radiation Users

PRIMAX Protective Clothing

→ Patient's Protection

• Gonad Protection

• Heavy Protective Neck Cover

• Dental Apron with integrated Neck Cover

• Dental Apron with Vertebral Protection

• Eye and Thyroid Protection (single use products)

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Patient's Protection


→ Radiation shielding foils and sheets made of lead

Shielding foils and sheets are available in various sizes for lining rooms, protection walls and equipment

• Self-adhesive shielding sheets and foils

• Shielding sheets Pb 99,94Cu (both sides tin-coated)

• Lead Prism Profiles and Rectangular Lead Profiles

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Artificial Leather

→ Specially for X-ray Protective Clothing

• Produced as polyester fabric which is covered with a PVC soft coat

• Colours as per customer's demand (minimum volumes per colour to be considered)

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Flexible lead and lead-free vinyl radiation protection shielding for protecting people against the harmful effects of radiation emissions

• Depending on the purpose of use available as unskinned, skinned or reinforced material

• Lead equivalent values depending on the type of material from 0,125 to 1,00 mm PbE

• Multilayer constructions possible to get higher protection values

• Galena Vinyl (Polyester reinforced), preferably for luggage scanners for instance on airports

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Radiation Shielding Glass

Radiation shielding glasses are used where transparent protection against ionizing radiation is necessary

• Radiation shielding glass is used in X-ray rooms, operating theatres, radiation therapy rooms, dental clinics, laboratories and for material testing

RD 30 is used against X-scattered rays at mammography work stations

• Eye Protection (Lead Glass Spectacles)

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Apron Racks