PRIMAX Products For Different Examinations

• Ultrasound Gel

• Electrode Contact Spray

• Electrode Contact Cream

• Electrode Contact Gel

• Cold-Warm Compresses

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Medical Disinfection

Medical Disinfection

PRIMAX Cleaning Spray

for ultrasonic probes


Ultrasonic Nebulization / Inhalation Devices

SonoDrop2 & SonoDrop2 plus
MicroDrop Family2
MicroDrop Family2
MicroDrop Pro2
MicroDrop Pro2
MicroDrop Calimero2
MicroDrop Calimero2

Blood Pressure Meters

→ Standard and Configuration

• In compliance with EN 1060
(non-invasive sphygmomanometers)

• With navy blue cotton cuff
(other colours on request)

• With Velcro fastener and artery label

• Available without, with attached or with separately enclosed stethoscope

• With 300 mm Hg manometer (gauge) and deflation valve

• With gauge holder

→ Packing

• All savely packed in plastic foil inside a carrying bag

• In cardboard boxes

→ Storage and Maintenance

• handle pressure gauge with care, do not drop

• always deflate cuff before storing

• device should be calibrated every two years or after any repair